ECF and Appropriate Body

From September 2021, all Early Career Teachers have a statutory entitlement to a two-year programme of support and development based on the Early Career Framework. Schools can choose to sign up for a full induction programme, use the high-quality core induction materials to deliver their own early career teacher and mentor training, or to design and deliver their own ECF-based induction programme. Schools must also sign up with an Appropriate Body to oversee the statutory assessment of their ECT’s induction period.

Red Kite Teaching School Hub will be delivering the Teach First full induction programme to schools across North and West Yorkshire. We are also an Appropriate Body.

What we offer

  • Experience of running an ECF programme
  • Dedicated Early Career Leader to support you with the ECF
  • Networking events for similar schools
  • Small school support and solutions
  • Additional training for school leaders to enhance and support the ECF
  • Single point of contact for ITT, ECF and AB
  • Smooth communication from colleagues that understand schools
  • Facilitators from schools in our region who understand the context of your school

Sign up for the Red Kite Teaching School Hub full induction programme here.

Sign up for the Red Kite Appropriate Body here

What you need to do if you have a newly qualified teacher starting at your school
    1. Let the DfE know how you will be supporting your ECT on the DfE portal

      2. Register with a full induction programme

        3. Register with an Appropriate Body

        Unfortunately, registering with one of these will not automatically register you with another, so you will have to complete all three. If you contact Red Kite TSH to tell us you want to sign up for our full induction programme, we will ask you to complete a form, providing information about the ECT and mentor. If you also choose to use the Red Kite Appropriate Body, we will ask you to register with the ECT manager system.

Glossary of terms
  • ECT – Early Career Teacher. A teacher in their first two years of teaching.
  • ECF – Early Career Framework. A framework of standards for early career teachers which underpins the statutory entitlement to early career professional development.
  • Full induction programme. A complete, funded programme for ECTs, based on the ECF, created by a lead provider and delivered by a delivery partner.
  • Lead provider. One of six national providers accredited by the DfE to provide funded ECF training. These are Teach First, Education Development Trust, UCL, Ambition Institute, Best Practice Network and Capita.
  • Delivery partner. An organisation working with a Lead Provider to deliver their full induction programme to schools. The Lead provider will create the resources and programme, but the Delivery Partner will recruit schools, support them and deliver all the conferences and seminars to their teachers. Teaching School Hubs are the principal Delivery Partners nationally, and Red Kite is the Delivery Partner for Teach First in our region.
  • Appropriate Body. The accredited body that oversees the statutory induction of Early Career Teachers and assesses whether they have met the Teachers’ Standards. This can be either a Local Authority or a Teaching School Hub.
  • ECT Manager. This is an online management system used by many Appropriate Bodies, including Red Kite. It is an efficient, paperless way to register ECTs for induction and submit assessments.
  • ECF Lead. The person who oversees the ECF programme in school and ensures the ECT and mentor are fulfilling the expectations.
  • Induction Tutor. The person who oversees the ECT’s statutory induction and liaises with the Appropriate Body.
  • Mentor. The mentor plays a significant role in supporting the ECT’s development. DfE funding is designed to provide capacity for the mentor to spend time every week with the ECT and attend training.
DfE portal

Schools MUST register full details of everyone involved in supporting each ECT on the DfE portal. You must let them know:

  • Which ECF route you are using (full induction programme, using the core induction materials or creating your own programme)
  • If you have chosen full induction programme, which lead provider you are going with (there are six national lead providers. Red Kite TSH is working with Teach First)
  • Who your ECF induction tutor is in school (this is whoever will be overseeing the ECT’s induction and completing the paperwork. All emails to the school about the ECF from the DfE will come to the address you provide here)
  • Who the ECT is
  • Who the mentor is

    You will need to provide full information, including TRNs. This is to ensure that you receive the right funding. Please take care to input the correct information in order to get the ECT smoothly onto the programme.

  • ECF Events

    We held regular online information events from January to July 2021 to talk about the statutory expectations of the Early Career Framework and our full induction programme. You can view recordings of these events here:

    Coaching Focus

    Back to Basics

    Employing a Newly Qualified Teacher 25th May

    Employing a Newly Qualified Teacher Event 17th June

    Employing a Newly Qualified Teacher Event 6th July