What is a Teaching School Hub?

Teaching School Hubs were launched by the DfE in January 2020. The intention is to simplify the way schools are supported, with each hub supporting 200-300 schools. Hubs will be drivers for implementing the Early Career Framework and bolstering teacher recruitment and retention as well as acting as a central point of information about support and CPD available in the region.

Does my school have to be in a certain area to work with the RKTSH?

Each Teaching School Hub has a designated geographical area that it is accountable for, but we know that collaborations and partnerships of schools do not fit neatly into lines on a map. A school can work with any Teaching School Hub that meets its needs, or more than one TSH.

Do I have to pay to be a member of the TSH?

There is no formal membership of a TSH and no cost. The TSH aims to work with Teaching School Alliances, Curriculum Hubs, Research Schools and Trusts to signpost great provision available in your area.