HUBTalk: Supporting Adjective Learning in EYFS and KS1 – Thurs 2nd December

HUBTalk: Developing vocabulary: Supporting Adjective Learning Across the Curriculum in Early Years and Key Stage 1, by Dr Catherine Davies, Associate Professor in Language Development, University of Leeds.

Thursday 2nd December at 4pm.

Dr Davies will provide a summary of how children learn and use adjectives according to findings from linguistic, psychological, and pedagogical research. Researchers have looked deeply at how children come to learn adjectives, but unfortunately, there is a gap between research and practice, meaning that our findings are not reaching the people that would benefit the most. So the second part of the talk provides practical suggestions on how these findings can be used in teaching and learning across a range of curriculum areas. This event is free to attend and is suitable for school leaders, teachers, other school staff and governors.