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Jaycee Ward

Senior Leader, KS1 Phase Leader, Maths Lead and Year 2 Teacher at Western Primary School


I qualified with Red Kite Teacher Training in 2019 and I was aiming to hone my skills and establish myself within the teaching profession. 1 month after my RQT year (ECT2), I seized the opportunity to apply for the NPQ in Leading Teaching, driven by my aspirations to take on leadership responsibilities, particularly aspiring to become a phase lead. I had also commenced taking the lead on PSHE in my school. However, staff absence created an environment where I found myself increasingly stepping into various roles and responsibilities, which further fuelled my motivation to pursue professional development opportunities like the NPQ. This confluence of circumstances formed the backdrop towards leadership and continued professional growth.

Jaycee Ward


My goal was to develop my subject leadership skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and requirements of a phase leader. This entailed pursuing the NPQ to equip myself with the necessary knowledge and expertise for effective leadership in my school.

NPQ Experience

Speaking of both NPQ Leading Teaching and NPQ Senior Leadership, it has been, and continues to be, an enriching and transformative experience, providing me with invaluable opportunities for professional growth and development. One aspect that has worked well is the structured and comprehensive nature of the programme. The carefully designed curriculum covers a wide range of leadership competencies, ensuring that participants gain a holistic understanding of leadership principles and practices relevant to their respective roles.

The NPQs foster a collaborative learning environment, enabling participants to engage with peers from diverse educational backgrounds. This collaborative aspect has been instrumental in broadening my perspectives and facilitating rich discussions on various leadership challenges and strategies. Interacting with colleagues has not only expanded my professional network but has also provided me with insights and strategies that I can directly apply in my own practice.

The NPQs incorporate a blend of theoretical learning and practical application, which has been highly effective in bridging the gap between theory and practice. The opportunity to reflect on my own leadership experiences and apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios has deepened my understanding and enhanced my ability to enact positive change within my school.

The support provided by experienced facilitators and mentors has been, and continues to be, invaluable throughout. The experienced professionals offer guidance, feedback and encouragement.

The flexibility of the programmes has been conducive to balancing professional development with my existing responsibilities. The ability to engage in online learning modules, attend seminars and complete assignments at my own pace has allowed me to tailor the NPQ experience to suit my individual needs and schedule.


3 months after gaining a place on NPQ in Leading Teaching, I was appointed as KS1 Phase Leader within my school. Taking on this role whilst still completing my NPQ was invaluable as I navigated my transition. Whilst the NPQ in Leading Teaching is aimed at middle leaders, the role of Phase Leader in my school comes with Senior Leadership responsibility. The NPQ allowed me to enhance my development in the moment.

Participating in the 2 NPQs has been immensely beneficial, yielding both tangible and intangible outcomes. I have acquired a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles and practices through structured coursework, reflections, tasks and assessments. This is evidenced by my successful completion and attainment of certification for the NPQ in Leading Teaching.

The NPQs have equipped me with invaluable skills such as strategic planning, effective communication and team collaboration. I have gained confidence in my ability to lead and inspire others, evidenced by positive feedback from colleagues and tangible improvements in my leadership capacity. I have also fostered a growth mindset, encouraging continuous learning and reflection as I strive to deliver positive change and drive improvement in my school.

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