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Meadowfield Primary Pupils Earn Their Degrees at the University of Leeds

Posted 14th March 2024

School of Education Students Inspire Young Minds in Innovative Degree-in-a-Day Programme


In a fantastic initiative, 28 Year 6 pupils from Meadowfield Primary School embarked on a unique journey into higher education at the University of Leeds on Monday 11th March. The pupils were warmly welcomed on the steps of the iconic Parkinson Building by a passionate group of students from the School of Education. The event, aptly named "Degree in a Day," was planned and delivered by the School of Education students as part of an innovative module aimed at fostering aspirations among young minds and providing practical experience working with children.

The day kicked off with a treasure hunt across the University of Leeds campus, offering pupils a chance to explore the vast and inspiring academic environment. Their curiosity peaked as they navigated the challenges of the hunt, setting the stage for an exciting day ahead. "I really enjoyed the tour of the campus and the Easter cryptic hunt. I recommend going to Leeds University" confirmed Dan C, Year 6 at Meadowfield Primary School.


"We absolutely love being able to invite children onto campus. It is a fantastic opportunity for our undergraduate students to plan and deliver a day of activities; many of them will go on to become teachers and this is a wonderful first step."

Dr Lucy Taylor, Lecturer in Education (Primary English)


The highlight of the day came when the pupils gathered in the Roger Stevens building for their very first university lecture. The air buzzed with enthusiasm as both the School of Education students and Year 6 pupils engaged in a lively quiz and explored what it was like being a student at the University of Leeds. The experience provided a glimpse into the world of higher education, igniting a spark of curiosity and ambition among the pupils. Jainaba T, one of the Year 6 pupils stated, "It was an amazing experience to see the university campus and take part in a lecture. I really want to go to Leeds University when I'm older."

Following an invigorating morning, the group enjoyed a delicious lunch before channelling their creativity into Easter crafts. The hands-on activities allowed the pupils to express themselves artistically.

"Degree in a Day is a fantastic example of how our partnership with the University of Leeds is continuing to develop. By connecting the University with our partner schools, we are helping to provide opportunities for students to gain teaching experience, perfect preparation for those wishing to go on to train to teach. The students showed great teaching potential throughout the day and we look forward to receiving applications from them in October."

Victoria Lickley, Director of Red Kite Teacher Training

As the day ended, the pupils had the unique opportunity to don graduation gowns and participate in a special ceremony. Each pupil proudly received their 'Degree in a Day' certificate. Lacey H, one of the pupils, spoke for many when she said "I really want to go to university. I loved the graduation."

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