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Early Career Framework FAQs

Do schools have a choice of provider?


Yes, schools can choose a full induction programme (FIP) provided by six designated Lead Providers nationally. Lead Providers are working with Delivery Partners (such as Red Kite Teaching School Hub) who will be the ones working directly with schools. Red Kite will be delivering the Teach First FIP to schools in North and West Yorkshire.

Do I have to register with an Appropriate Body?

Yes, all Early Career Teachers (ECTs) must be registered with an Appropriate Body (AB) before they can begin induction. The AB will assess the ECT’s induction and check that they have received their ECF entitlement.

What funding is available?

In year 1, there is no new funding (10% off timetable for ECT and mentor support time is already paid to schools, as calculated through the National Funding Formula). In year 2, £1,200 is paid to schools to fund 5% off timetable for ECT and 20 hours mentor support time.
Additionally for schools signed up to a full induction programme, all the training and support for ECTs and ECMs on the full induction programme is fully funded and there is NO DIRECT COST to schools. Schools will receive additional funding for mentor training (equivalent to 36 hours of backfill time over two years per mentor).

How do I sign up to a full induction programme?

Schools can register details of their Early Career needs on a new DfE portal. Delivery Partners will work with schools in their region to find out which schools wish to register with their full induction programme.

Click here to register with Red Kite’s full induction programme.

What should I do to prepare?

Our experience from running the one-year ECF pilot revealed that being prepared is key to the success of the programme. Identify your mentor(s), think about how you will accommodate the mentor weekly meetings with the ECT, consider how to extend the benefits of the ECF into the wider staff and ensure all staff understand the expectations.

What happens if the ECT joins the school mid year?

The ECF programme will be delivered in a staggered way to ensure ECTs that join later in the year get the full benefit. We are delivering the programme through established local partnerships and alliances that know schools and can adapt to fit their context.

What about ECTs in their second year of teaching 2021-22?

The ECF entitlement only applies to Early Career Teachers that start their induction in or after September 2021. However, the Core Induction Materials are freely available and the mentor can use these to support.

Do I have to sign up to a full induction programme?

No. Your ECT has an entitlement to two years of support and development based on the Early Career Framework, but you could opt to support them with your own training using the core induction materials, or even create your own programme based on the ECF. If you do not opt for the full induction programme you will still receive DfE funding towards off-timetable time for the ECT and mentor, but you will not get the extra funding for mentor training time and you will have to fund the development and facilitation of training sessions yourself. The fee you pay the Appropriate Body is likely to be higher, too, because the AB will have to establish the fidelity of your provision to the ECF.

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