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Outstanding Ofsted for Red Kite Teacher Training

Posted 24th April 2024

Red Kite Teaching Training has received an ‘Outstanding’ rating for both primary and secondary provision. 

A thorough assessment of the Red Kite Teacher Training provision was conducted between 5th and 8th of February.  A team of three of Her Majesty’s Inspectors and four Ofsted Inspectors met with governors, leaders and members of the SCITT team and reviewed a wide sample of documentation and training programme material. They also visited 10 schools, five primary and five secondary, to observe and interview trainees and speak with school leaders, mentors and staff.

Inspectors found that “Trainees flourish at Red Kite Teacher Training” and “experience high-quality training.” They noted that “training is driven by a strong vision of excellence that is shared and exceptionally well realised.”

The Ofsted report states that, “Leaders have meticulously designed the Initial Teaching Education (ITE) curriculum to develop trainees’ depth and breadth of knowledge”, recognising the provider’s dedication to designing a training programme that not only nurtures trainees understanding but also ensures that all aspects of the training are seamlessly linked and coherently sequenced.

It goes on to say that “all training, including that provided by external partners, is delivered to the same exacting standard. Trainees are taught by phase and subject specialists who are immersed in relevant and up-to-date research. Trainees are empowered to think deeply about their learning and its practical application. They quickly become highly reflective practitioners.”

Inspectors commended the relationships between leaders, trainees and mentors, and highlighted that “Leaders carefully select partner schools to ensure that trainees benefit from rich and contrasting experiences. They consider trainees’ needs and context when making decisions about placements. Trainees are enthused by these experiences and by the programme as a whole. They are truly excited about embarking on their teaching careers.”


Victoria Lickley

Victoria Lickley

Director of Red Kite Teacher Training

Victoria Lickley, Director of Red Kite Teacher Training, expressed pride in the achievements of Red Kite Teacher Training and its commitment to excellence. "We are delighted to receive such high praise from Ofsted, which reflects our strong partnerships with schools and dedication to providing an exceptional training experience for our aspiring teachers. At Red Kite Teacher Training, we strive to empower trainees with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed in their teaching careers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with Red Kite Teacher Training. We are proud of what we have achieved together after years of hard work across the whole partnership. It is an external validation of what we believe is an excellent programme that prepares trainees exceptionally well for the profession. The Ofsted inspection is only one part of our quality assurance processes and we will strive to continuously improve our programme based on the needs of our trainees, schools and children."

Red Kite Teacher Training 23-24

Red Kite Teacher Training 2023-24 Cohort

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